Case Study


CyberGraphics is a package design, prepress, and plate media company headquartered in Memphis, TN.

Software Development / UI


The goal of creating this program was to help automate incoming preflight jobs from outside vendors. These were the following goals CyberFlight was created to accomplish:

  • Auto-create file naming and folder stuctures to CyberGraphics specs and copy imported files to proper locations.
  • Allow for XML importing to automatically access job types, customer item IDs, product/brand names, engraving numbers, and imaging types.
  • Display critical information about each color seperation and warn the user when specs are not met.
  • Automatically fill in color seperation data when possible to reduce time spent on each preflighting job.
  • Must support both iOS and Windows so it may be used in both prepress and platemaking departments.


CyberFlight was created in collaboration with Mathias Andersen over the course of 3 weeks. He created the necessary Javascript to for the program to function while I designed/coded the front-end UI and JQuery automation.

Electron was chosen to develop the program to allow for an HTML/CSS front-end and to use Javascript to handle program functions. It also allowed for easy porting to iOS and Windows.

The following is a look at most of the JQuery code that handles front-end automation, alerts, and math calculations.

Display Code


  • Drag-drop TIF/LEN folder to begin reading in files.
  • Displays color seperation preview, name, type, PMS value, width, cutoff, and resolution.
  • Program automatically fills color abbreviation based on color name.
  • XML file drag-drop function to auto-fill job information.
  • Program fills known ink codes based on Engraving Number suffix.
  • Displays warnings when seperation resolution is too low and when white plates are too small.
  • Uses job information to rename files and create folder structure on CyberGraphics's server.

Additional functionality:

  • Press Sheet Setup allows user to calculate/check critical values.
  • XML file drag-drop function to auto-fill job measurements.
  • Automatically calculates press web width, cutoff, and compensated cutoff on file drop and keystrokes.
  • Calculates left, right, and vertical microdot positions.


CyberFlight was implimented into the prepress department workflow and reduced labor spent on preflighting jobs by ~50%.